Declare Your Energy Independence!

Share To Declare Your Energy Independence!

Clean energy is powering growth, economic development, and innovation in both rural and urban communities across North Carolina.

$6.3 billion in economic impact has been generated by North Carolina’s Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (REPS).

A 2015 RTI study estimates that NC electricity customers will save a projected $651 million by 2029 due to existing clean energy policies and a diversified energy mix that includes renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Already over $160 million has been saved by customers since 2008.

Over $2.6 billion has been directly invested in renewable energy projects in NC between 2007 and 2014, with rural areas receiving nearly 75%, due to the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit.

Share to declare your energy independence and support existing clean energy policies in North Carolina and increased options for energy financing and energy choice in the future.