Helen Williams Letter to the Editor to the News & Observer

This letter appeared in the News & Observer on August 11, 2017.

Support Clean Energy

The solar energy bill and wind energy executive order are huge steps forward for clean energy in North Carolina. According to “Cooper signs solar energy bill despite controversial wind project moratorium” (July 28), the executive order “clarifies that wind projects can proceed through the initial permit stages – and that the state should do all it can to help them along” despite the red tape that has previously threatened these projects. The article also highlights House Bill 589, a bill that guarantees the support of solar energy across the state.

It’s important to know that support for clean energy is robust within both political parties. In fact, a poll conducted by Conservatives for Clean Energy earlier this year found that voters continue to prefer new clean energy policies over other energy options. As a Republican in North Carolina, I agree with Conservatives for Clean Energy in that the unnecessary moratorium aimed at halting clean energy development would cause harm to North Carolina’s economy. I applaud the vast majority of Republicans in the State House for agreeing to pass legislation that will expand all renewable energy programs across North Carolina.