North Carolina CCE Poll Confirms Statewide Support for Clean Energy

NC clean energy poll

March 4, 2015
Contact: Mark Fleming
Phone: 919-602-9391

North Carolina Voters Embrace Clean Energy Policies

Raleigh, NC – Conservatives For Clean Energy (CCE), in a poll conducted by Strategic Partners Solutions, recently released its findings regarding statewide opinions on current energy issues facing North Carolina. The poll sourced 800 registered voters living in North Carolina who were randomly selected with predetermined voter participation in past elections.  The poll revealed widespread support for renewable energy options across all partisan and ideological lines.Of particular note, 78% of those responding indicated that they support North Carolina’s current policy of providing tax incentives to homeowners and businesses that utilize renewable energy options such as solar, wind and other renewable resources.  Results also showed that there is strong support for third-party energy sales across the board, with 75% of Republican and Democratic voters in favor as well as over 80% of unaffiliated voters.After reading the data, Mark Fleming, President and CEO of CCE, remarked, “The poll results confirm that conservative voters in North Carolina are embracing clean energy options.  There is a strong opportunity for conservatives to lead the way on these issues in North Carolina.”  Dee Stewart of Strategic Partners Solutions reaffirmed Mark’s statement, “The poll results clearly demonstrate overwhelming conservative support for clean energy initiatives in North Carolina.”

The poll findings were released and presented by Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart of Strategic Partners Solutions to a broad audience of state legislators, community leaders, energy industry executives and North Carolina citizens at a breakfast held this morning, March 4th, at the North Carolina Nature Research Center. The event was free and open to the public.

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