NC Senator Thom Tillis — Clean Energy Champion

During National Clean Energy Week, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) announced their 2017 Clean Energy Champions. CRES formally recognized a geographically diverse set of conservatives for promoting market-based clean energy policies. North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis was one of the awardees.

“CRES is proud to recognize a powerful slate of 2017 Clean Energy Champions for their steadfast leadership in advancing commonsense clean energy solutions that address our nation’s need for abundant, reliable energy while preserving our environment,… Solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, natural gas and geothermal power are proven drivers of economic growth and job creation, and have made tremendous progress in diversifying the nation’s energy system. CRES applauds this geographically diverse set of Republicans for promoting clean energy policies that balance free-market economics and environmental stewardship.” – CRES Managing Director Heather Reams

Senator Tillis was recognized for:

  • Leading senators in a letter urging the U.S. International Trade Commission to not impose tariffs that would negatively affect the American solar industry
  • Leading legislation to ensure our military can detect grid vulnerabilities and protect assets from potential threats

Congratulations Senator Tillis, and thank you for your dedication to clean energy in North Carolina!

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