Conservatives for Clean Energy Virginia Launches 2017

Virginia’s Clean Energy Role

Our organization will help lead the conversation about the economic benefits of clean and renewable energy sources to Virginia’s economy.  We educate policy makers and industry leaders on the benefits of clean energy development, and serve as a voice for the many conservatives who want to increase the choices and availability of clean energy sources in Virginia. Overwhelmingly, voters support policies in the Commonwealth to promote a true “all of the above” energy strategy.

2016 Virginia Clean Energy Survey

2016 VA Clean Energy Survey Highlights

Like many states, the Commonwealth is experiencing growth in the clean energy industry, which includes an increase in renewable energy sources. And yet, in the midst of a changing energy market coordinated action is required to position the Commonwealth as a leader in innovative energy generation and utilization. To compete for clean energy jobs and economic development, Virginia must continue to leverage its business-friendly climate, quality educational institutions, vast resources, and support policies to facilitate growth.

Virginia has seen recent growth in large utility-scale solar projects, driven in part by legislation approved in 2015 to declare 500MW of utility-scale solar in the public interest. In 2016, Dominion partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring online their first 80-megawatt solar facility in Accomack County. Since then, many additional utility-scale solar projects have been announced across many regions here in the Commonwealth.

There are many other opportunities for the development of clean energy here in Virginia. Whether related to energy efficiency, smaller distributed renewable energy, biofuels (methane-to-gas), wind power, or the advancement of new clean energy technologies, Virginia should continue to advance policies to support an “all-of-the-above” strategy that emphasizes clean energy growth.

2017-2018 Virginia Clean Energy Projects